If it needs words, we can write them. If it has words, we can make them sound better.


Perhaps you want to freshen up your website copy, have your brochure rewritten or you just have a concept that needs content from the ground up. Our writers work with you to create a tailored voice that speaks to your audience. Modest. Snarky. Casual. Corporate. Compassionate. Instructional. We'll help tell your story.

Copy Editing

This type of editing involves proofing for grammar and consistency while also massaging existing content to improve flow and clarity. Don't worry, even if you don't fancy yourself a good writer, we can make you sound like one. Think of our Word Charmers as fairies and copy editing as pixie dust.


You can't proofread your own work. So let Word Charmers be your fresh set of eyes. We're the people who always pay attention to details...the first to find Waldo, finishing word searches in record time, subconsciously proofing every single sign and menu we see. We've got you covered. We'll proof for spelling, grammar, consistency, style, etc.

Social media copy writing
Improving your company bios
Newsletter, blog & corporate writing
Telling your brand story
Editing proposals & annual reports
Editorial style guide creation
Web content & brochure writing
Proofing menus, catalogs & signs
Press release writing
Researching & writing articles